General Rules & Guidelines

The Public Access Room (PAR) was established in 1990 “to enhance [the public’s] ability to participate in the legislative process” (HRS §21G-2). Use of the room is a privilege and is reserved for legislative activities only. Patrons of our room shall adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Please sign in before using our services and facilities. If you come to PAR several times a day, you only need to sign in once.
  • We welcome and embrace all citizens, regardless of any position or viewpoint held. However, we appreciate your kokua in refraining from proselytizing or campaigning for your positions in PAR. No electoral campaign-related activities or work is permitted in PAR.
  • Please maintain a quiet atmosphere by keeping your voices down when using our room.
  • Please refrain from using profanity or acting in a disrespectful manner. Please refrain from all disruptive behavior (including excessive noise, offensive personal hygiene, and distracting or intrusive actions).
  • Any threatening or violent conduct while in the Capitol building or on the Capitol grounds may result in immediate banishment from PAR for one year.
  • Beverages may be consumed only at the center tables. No eating is allowed in the room.
  • Please do not leave any personal belongings in the room. PAR staff are not responsible for personal belongings or valuables that are left unattended. Belongings left unattended are subject to removal and disposal.
  • Please limit your cell phone calls while in PAR. All lengthy conversations should be conducted outside the room.
  • While patrons with young children are welcome to use our facilities, patrons are expected to actively monitor their charges and oversee their behavior while in the room.

Services & Facilities


  • Public computers and internet access are to be used only for state legislative research, testimony, and related correspondence.
  • If you are discovered on an obviously inappropriate website or found to be working on campaign-related matters, you will be immediately banned from PAR for one year.
  • Public documents are routinely cleared from the computer’s hard drive. If you wish to save a document, please save it on your personal storage device (flashdrive or memory stick).
  • Please do not attempt to transfer or install programs from the internet or your personal storage device on to the computer.
  • Please do not change any of the computers’ settings.
  • One public computer offers the JAWS program for people with visual impairments, and the workstation nearest the door is configured to be accessible to patrons with physical disabilities. We appreciate your kokua in helping to make these available to patrons in need of the stations’ unique features.

Printing & Photocopy Services

  • These services are only available for testimony, correspondence and research information related to legislative matters.
  • A maximum of 15 double-sided pages (30 impressions) are allowed per patron per day. Exceptions may apply for copying testimony; please see PAR staff.
  • Copies of bills, resolutions, and committee reports are available through the Senate and House print shops. PAR does not allow printing of these documents from the public computers.
  • Please print only one copy of your document; our staff will photocopy any additional copies.
  • As a public service, PAR supplies numerous documents free of charge to the public. We reserve the right to place reasonable limits on the number of copies provided.

Public Telephone

  • Use of PAR’s public telephone is available for outgoing local calls pertaining to legislative matters. Please check with PAR staff before making arrangements to receive incoming calls.
  • Please limit calls to 5 minutes per call.
  • Up to 5 phone calls per day may be made.
  • Phone conversations must be conducted at a low enough volume that others in the room will not be disturbed.
  • A TTY unit is available for the hearing impaired. Please see PAR staff for assistance if needed.


  • Equipment is to be operated by PAR staff members only.
  • Volume must remain low enough so as not to disturb other patrons in the room.

Staff Equipment/Stations

  • PAR staff equipment and workstations may not be used by the public.
  • The photocopier is to be operated by PAR staff only.
  • The supply area of the room (near the copy machine) is for PAR staff use only.

All people who use PAR are required to comply with the policies and rules as set forth in this document. Please note that PAR staff members have the authority to use their discretion when upholding these policies. Anyone who fails to comply with the policies of PAR will be issued a verbal warning for the infraction. If the warning is not heeded, PAR staff members have the authority to ban patrons from entry for a period of one year. [EXCEPTION:  Inappropriate website use (sex sites, campaigning, etc.) or threatening behavior while in the building or on Capitol grounds will result in an immediate ban from PAR for one year.] When an individual is banned from entry, a document will be prepared that will state the period of banishment, the date for the return of eligibility for PAR privileges, and the nature of the infraction.