If the Governor signs the bill early, you’re all set. If not, you may have to wait until after June 27th. On or before then, the Governor will provide the Legislature with a list of the bills he may veto. Note, bills on this list may end up not being vetoed. However, any bill that is not on the list is going to become law – either with the Governor’s signature, or on July 12th if no veto or signature occurs.

Under the “Governor’s Actions” heading on the “Reports and Lists” page of the Legislature’s website (capitol.hawaii.gov), you can see a snapshot of all the bills the Governor is considering. Aside from finding the list of acts, you’ll find bills that are pending, bills that were signed into law, bills that became law without the governor’s signature, bills that the Governor intends to veto, bills that are actually vetoed, and veto overrides by the Legislature.