Today’s the First Crossover deadline, and it’s a great time to take a look at what’s still alive. Only about 20% of the bills introduced make it this far, and some of them have changed considerably since their initial drafts.

The folks at the Legislature’s website have created a great list of bills that have passed first crossover — it shows you the bill descriptions with links to the measures, their status, and their status sheets.  It’s easy to search and browse. Even better, the list is sortable and exportable — in either the Excel or CSV formats.

You can find the list on the Bill Status and Documents page. Just scroll down until you’re near the bottom of the page. The second-to-the-last box is a list of lists — choose the one that says Bills Passed First Crossover.

As always, contact the Public Access Room (PAR) if you need assistance. 808/587-0478 or [email protected].