The 2014 Legislative Session came to a close on May 1st, but the process continues.

  • If a bill you were interested in passed the legislature, you may want to let the Governor know if you think he should sign or veto it. See PAR’s April newsletter for the Governor’s deadlines and contact information.
  • Unsure of what actually passed? Check out the “Reports and Lists” page on the Legislature’s website. Scroll down to the “Governor’s Actions” sections to view the bills in the Governor’s hands, or the bills that have already become law.
  • Interested in the final Budget Worksheets or the Grant-in-Aid allocations? Find them by clicking on the “Legislative Information” tab on the right-hand side of the Legislature’s website. Then, select the “Budget Worksheets” link under 2014 — the GIA allocations are posted along with the budget worksheets.

As always, please contact the Public Access Room ([email protected] or 808/587-0478) if you have questions or would like assistance. We’re open year-round, and are happy to help.