Post-2023 Legislative Session Workshop

You’ve made it through another year’s legislative session. After a few weeks of recuperation, join us for a Zoom workshop to help focus on what you can do when the legislators aren’t in session.

We’ll explore tips on regrouping, the status of pending legislation, and actions you can take during the interim to try to move your issue forward. We’ll also try our best to answer any questions you have about the legislative process and how things unfolded this last year.

Advocacy between sessions can be invaluable!

Sign up for our interim workshop — we’re offering it twice, once midday and once in the evening, so pick the one that works best for your schedule. Plan on about 45 minutes, give or take, based on questions and discussion.

Register for workshop on Wednesday, May 31, 12 noon

Register for workshop on Thursday, June 1, 6 p.m.

Questions? Please be in touch!