The 2016 Legislative Session started on 1/20 — it’s the second year of the 28th Legislature. While bills that carried over from last year can still be acted upon, new bills are also being introduced. Where to find them?

On the Legislature’s website (, click on the “Reports and Lists” button in the center column. There you’ll find links to “House Bills with Action Taken in 2016 Only” and “Senate Bills with Action Taken in 2016 Only.” The new House bills start from the number HB1516, and the new Senate bills start from the number SB2001. The reports make it easy to browse through the descriptions to find bills that may interest you. Bills will continue to be introduced until the 1/27 bill introduction deadline.

Remember — if you need help finding bills, hearing notices, setting up tracking lists, or understanding the process, let us know! PAR’s always happy to help.