That was fast! We’re already coming up on the deadline for bills to be out of their originating chamber’s committees.

February 28 is the First Decking deadline. By this date, a bill needs to:

  • pass through all of the committees it was referred to in its chamber of origin; and
  • be submitted to the House or Senate clerk so that it can be scheduled for Third Reading on the floor of that chamber.

Upcoming:  On Tuesday, March 4th, we’ll see plenty of speeches on the House and Senate floor. That’s when a large number of bills will appear on the Order of the Day for their Third Reading votes. The floor sessions that day will most likely be broadcast.

To find the broadcast schedule when we approach that date, click on the “Broadcasts” button in the “Help and Information” box that appears on the right-hand column of the Legislature’s home page. The Capitol TV page will provide the upcoming schedule; the House and Senate web streaming pages provide archives that allow you to view the proceedings.

As always, let PAR know if we can be of assistance.