The legislators are meeting to come up with the final form of bills to send off to the governor. Here are a few resources to help make it easier to follow things during conference.

  • The Public Access Room has a new information sheet that provides an overview to conference. It’s creatively titled, “Conference Committee Information,” and can be found on the Information Sheets page of their website.
  • The Legislature’s webmasters have set you up with a great “Conference Committees” page: Click on Reports and Lists and then select “Conference Committees” from the bars on your left. You’ll find easy links to help find conference notices, action sheets and conferees.
  • View the 2013 Joint Conference Procedures — they can be found by clicking on the Legislative Information link on the right‐hand side of the homepage.

As always, contact the Public Access Room (PAR) if you have questions or would like additional information. They’re happy to help you out.