In addition to the candidates we’ll be selecting on Election Day (11/4/14), voters will be asked whether or not five proposed changes should be made to the Hawaii Constitution.

The Questions

The questions that will appear on your ballot can be found on the Office of Elections website. Go to the “Factsheets” page, then select “Constitutional Amendment Questions and County Charter Amendment Questions, 2014.” Or, just click on this link: . 

The Context

In deciding how to vote on any of these questions, you may find it helpful to view the specific section of the Constitution under consideration, with markings to show the language proposed to be [deleted] or added. That’s what you’ll find in the enabling legislation for each of the questions. To make things easier for you, the Legislature has posted a .pdf document on their homepage that includes them all. Look under the “Recent Updates” box in the top center of the screen, and click on the “Proposed Constitutional Amendments on the November 2014 Ballot” link. Or, just click on this link: .

And don’t forget, there’s still time to register to vote — the deadline is October 6th.