Last Friday, February 15th, was the First Lateral deadline — now all bills must be in the last committee to which they’ve been referred in their originating chamber. Otherwise, barring extraordinary measures, they’re dead. (Or, more accurately, “zombified” until next year’s session.) 

You can take a look at which’ve survived — and how they’ve morphed — by going to the “Reports and Lists” page on the Legislature’s website. Just click on the first link under the “First Lateral” bar — you’ll view a report of all the bills that have survived the deadline.

There are 1,613 bills listed, but it’s pretty easy to scroll through or search the descriptions to make sure you’re up-to-date on what’s under discussion. Next step? To survive, all the bills have to get through their last committee in their originating chamber and be filed for third reading by March 1st, the First Decking deadline.

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