Final reading votes for 170 bills are scheduled for tomorrow (session at 10a). The fiscal filing deadline has been extended until 6p tonight, May 1, which means there should be more to come!

The Senate President and House Speaker have extended the deadline to file the fiscal bills and committee reports that were agreed upon by Friday’s 6 p.m. deadline to conclude negotiations. The conference drafts (CD1s) of those bills, and accompanying committee reports, will now need to be filed (or ‘decked’) with the Senate and House Committee Clerks by 6:00 p.m. today, May 1. 

The original deadline had been 11:30 p.m. on Friday, April 28.

Please note that if an agreement was not reached and voted on by last Friday, the bill has failed to emerge from conference. Such bills will be carried over to the 2024 Regular Session which begins next January.

The joint memo announcing the new deadline can be viewed under “Session Info” at the bottom of the Legislature’s homepage ( A link to the memo appears here.

As always, please contact the Public Access Room (PAR) if you have questions or would like additional information: 808/587-0478 or [email protected]