If you missed our workshops on the conference stage of the legislative process, you can view the 4/12/2023 session here: Conference Workshop Video

Some Helpful Information

Conference, when the House and Senate will attempt to come to agreement on the final draft of hundreds of bills, will take place this year between Monday, 4/17, and Friday, 4/28. The conference procedures have been posted: https://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/Docs/2023CommitteesOnConferenceProcedures.pdf.

There’s a handy “Conference Committees” bar on the Legislature’s “Reports and Lists” page that may help you keep track of it all.

And here on the Public Access Room (PAR) website, visit the “Conference Committees and Governor’s Deadlines” page for more information on the last steps of a bill’s journey. (In future, find it by going to the “Learn” tab, select “Overview of the Legislative Process,” and scroll down.)

Questions? Contact PAR at 808/587-0478 or [email protected]. We’re always happy to help!