We’re almost at First Crossover — which means successful bills must pass their Third Reading vote in their originating chamber by March 9th, in order to ‘cross over’ and be considered by the other chamber.

On Tuesday, March 7th, there are several hundred bills that are scheduled to be voted on. The legislative broadcast project will be filming the activity — which starts at 9 a.m. in the House of Representatives (Olelo Channel 49 on Oahu, and live to the other islands) and 10 a.m. in the Senate (Olelo Channel 55 on Oahu, and tape delayed to the other islands). You can watch the proceedings online at olelo.org.

It’s helpful to have the “Orders of the Day” (the agendas for the floor activity). You can find them by using the “Order of the Day” search box on the left side of the Legislature’s homepage (capitol.hawaii.gov), or click here.

  • They’re usually not posted until an hour or so before things get rolling.
  • You’ll want to select the .pdf versions so you can follow along as the Senate President or House Speaker announces which page number they’re on.
  • The order in which bills are considered is usually determined by their committee report numbers rather than bill numbers.

(Want to find out now which bills will be coming up for a vote on March 7th? Check out the “Pending Actions” bar on the “Reports and Lists” page. You’ll find links to “Measures Pending Third Reading in the Senate” and “Measures Pending Third Reading in the House.”)

After successfully passing the Third Reading vote, bills will be transmitted to the other chamber, where they will pass First Reading and get referred to committees. As always, contact PAR if you have questions about the process or deadlines.