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Legislature’s Website

The Legislature site provides quick and easy access to the information you need in order to participate in the lawmaking process.

Website guide for the Hawaii State Legislature

Website Guide

This help guide provides an initial orientation to the Hawaii State Legislature’s website and introduces you to some of its many useful features.

Site Features

Find your legislators or contact them (phone calls, letters, e-mails) about issues where you live Use the “Find Your Legislator” feature in the upper right corner and enter your street address
Who’s on which committee?Visit committees page
Find the bill that interests youUse the “Keywords” search box on the left side of the screen; or
Visit reports and lists page and use the “Subject Search” feature at lower left.
Find out what bills have been scheduled for a hearing (during Legislative session)See list of hearing notices
Interactive features:
  • Submit testimony (about a specific bill)

  • Sign up for hearing notices

  • Keep track of bills
Create an account by “registering” on the website (see top right corner); after that, just sign in to use the top row of buttons in the center column. Visit sign in page
What the law says about a topicUse “Hawaii Revised Statutes” search box on the left side of the screen of www.capitol.hawaii.gov